Monday, February 22, 2010

Christ's Church Basketball League - Game 1

Our season kicked off last night with a 61-32 victory. We were up 38-10 at halftime. We are in Division 3 (the lowest). Of course since we don't have guys who can dunk and basically since I am the youngest or second youngest guy on the team at 38y/9m it is best that we avoid D1 and D2. Team members are Rob Scoonover, John Shields, Greg Stuart, David Hudson, Jim Griffin, David Putz and myself. And as of this morning we picked up Milton Bullard...he brings size and I am for sure not the youngest. Last night we played Panda Express which was probably a mid-20s-30 year old team. They could not keep up with our fast break offense. They had me down for 27 points, 5 boards and 2 assists. 2-3 at the line, and 3 3-pointers. John had 19 points. And my point guard David was racking up the assists all night long. Last year we basically played 3 on 5 the whole game with no subs so it was nice being able to get a rest during the game. Yes we have 5 on the court at all times last year but 3 on 5 gives you an idea of the rest of the team from last year.

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